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to the faculty of Computer Science at TU Dresden.

This website is accompanying the exhibition: "Historical Computer Engineering" at TU Dresden. It contains information on the presented exhibits and you are able to test your gained knowledge by different exams.

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Logical Circuits - the basis for today's PCs.

Experience here how they work.
IBM Deskstar - common harddrive.

Floppy Disks

All you need to know about this nearly now extinct data medium.
Logic- and memorymodule in monolithic system technology.
The shown exhibits show you some examples of the important milestones.

Get yourself some information:

Guest: Overview of all topics.

Expert: Additional information

The focus is on comprehensibility of the presented content.
To address both the skilled computer scientist and the interested visitor, it is possible to enter the website as expert or as visitor.
An interactive position plan helps you to find information on the displayed items depending to their position in the building.